Predloga:Predlog za prestavitev/konec

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Usage[uredi kodo]

  • In a requested move discussion (RM), if the closure result is moved (which indicates a page move), then this template must be saved and in place before the page is moved. So a requested move discussion must be closed before the page is moved.
  • Before closure of a requested move, near the top of the section's edit screen there is a template:
    {{Requested move/dated|(suggested page move or multiple page moves)}}
That template may be completely removed during closure, or it can be replaced by this template substituted in the following manner:
{{Subst:Requested move/end|result=(result)|(suggested page move or multiple page moves)}}
  • If the |result= parameter is not used, then the template will appear as it does at the top of this page. The usual options for the |result= parameter are:
  • Moved. (closer's comment)
  • Not moved. (closer's comment)
  • No consensus. (closer's comment)
  • Procedural close. (closer's comment)
  • After the closer's comment, a non-admin template such as {{RMnac}} should be used if appropriate, followed by the closing editor's signature, usually four tildes (~~~~).
When the |result= parameter is used, as in:
{{Subst:Requested move/end|result='''Moved.''' See general agreement below to rename this article per cited policies and guidelines. ~~~~|(suggested page move or multiple page moves)}}
the template's wording becomes:

User template

Suggested usage:
<div class="boilerplate" style="background-color: #efe; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px dotted #aaa;"><!-- Template:RM top (modified) -->
:''The following is a closed discussion of a [[WP:requested moves|requested move]]. <span style="color:red">'''Please do not modify it.'''</span> Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk page. Editors desiring to contest the closing decision should consider a [[Wikipedia:move review|move review]] after discussing it on the closer's talk page. No further edits should be made to this section. ''

{{Subst:Requested move/end|...|result='''Not moved (or) No consensus (or) Moved.''' (Closer's comment.) {{subst:nac}} (or) {{subst:RMpmc}} (as appropriate) ~~~~}}

< discussion >

{{subst:RM bottom}}

Replace the ellipsis (...) with all information found in the parameter(s) that follows "/dated|" in the {{Requested move/dated|...}} template.

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