Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije

toje podpredloga {{Razločitev/cat}}.

Do not use this template directly, use {{Razločitev}} or {{Disambiguation cleanup}} instead.

This template is called from {{Razločitev}} and {{Disambiguation cleanup}}. It handles some of the categorization logic for those templates.

For more documentation see {{Razločitev}} and {{Disambiguation cleanup}}.

{{Dabcat}} redirects here, and is used by {{Disambiguation cleanup}}.

Parametri[uredi kodo]

This template takes one parameter and produces a category assignment dependent on that parameter.

The main parameter value for some of the categories in this template are as follows (some other variants will also work):

This list is usually not complete, since we add new categories to this template every now and then.

Error reporting[uredi kodo]

If an invalid parameter is fed to this template it displays an error message and categorizes the page into Kategorija:Wikipedija: problemi s parametri predlog. Thus editors can see when they use an invalid parameter, and if they don't notice it we can easily find and fix such cases by taking a look in that category.