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Usage[uredi kodo]

This template is used for referring to books by their Library of Congress Control Numbers. Enter the LCCN without any dashes or vertical bars between the numbers.

Examples[uredi kodo]

For example, to link 89-456, use:

{{LCCN|89456}} gives

and to link sa65-3567, use:

{{LCCN|sa653567}} gives

Additional parameters

You can use a second parameter to add a title.

{{LCCN|89456|Monarch butterflies}}

By specifying | long = yes, you can also provide a more detailed output, especially for use in External Links sections:

{{LCCN|89456|long=yes}} gives

You can also use the second parameter to specify the book title if the page where the name of the article you're working on is not identical to the work you're citing. This is often true in the case of parenthetical disambiguation:

{{LCCN|89456|Monarch butterflies|long=yes}} gives

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