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Spodnje predloge so "podprogrami" predloge {{Koord}}.

ime funkcija
{{Koord/prikaži/znotrajvrstično}} "Coord/display/inline" displays coordinates inline
{{Koord/prikaži/znotrajvrstično, naslov}} "Coord/display/inline,title" displays coordinates inline and above the article
{{Koord/prikaži/naslov}} "Coord/display/title" displays coordinates above the article (generally to the right of the article's title)
{{Koord/povezava}} "Coord/link" generates microformats and link to GeoHack
{{Koord/vnos/dec}} "Coord/input/dec" reads coordinates in decimal degrees {{coord|12|-12}}
{{Koord/vnos/d}} "Coord/input/d" reads coordinates in decimal degrees with directional letters {{koord|12|N|12|W}}
{{Koord/vnos/dm}} "Coord/input/dm" reads coordinates in degrees/minutes format {{koord|12|12|N|12|12|W}}
{{Koord/prikaži/dms}} "Coord/input/dms" reads coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds format {{koord|12|12|12|N|12|12|12|W}}
{{Koord/vnos/NAPAKA}} "Coord/input/ERROR" generates error message if the inputs do not match any of the above formats
{{Koord/vnos/error2}} "Coord/input/error2" generates error message for range checks and such
{{Koord/vnos/nolat}} "Coord/input/nolat" generates error message for missing latitude
{{Koord/negzeropad}} "Coord/negzeropad" pads a positive number with trailing zeroes until it matches the precision of a negative number
{{Koord/prec dec}} "Coord/prec dec" selects a format for converting decimal degrees, based on the precision of the inputs