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Usage[uredi kodo]

This template is used to give a common text to all the regional subcategories Kategorija:Želene fotografije iz območij. Just include {{Howtoreqphotoin|first parameter|second parameter}} at the top of the category page.

The first parameter is generally the full name for the region as is used to create category names e.g. "the United Kingdom".

The second parameter is optional and only needs to be put in if there is a shorter form that makes more sense in the main text e.g. "the United Kingdom-related" would sound much worse than "United Kingdom-related" so a second parameter is needed ("United Kingdom").

Once mw:Extension:StringFunctions is enabled on Wikipedia it will be possible to work out what country or region is being specified without using parameters, see Pogovor o predlogi:Howtoreqphotoin