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Google books na Google Books

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Uporaba[uredi kodo]

{{Google books|ID|title|page=|plainurl=}}

The page number is optional.

The |plainurl= parameter is also optional. It tells this template to output a URL (web address) only, rather than a linked book title and page number. Use |plainurl=yes when using this template in a |url= parameter of a citation template.

Zgled 1:

Doe, John. {{Google books|7ydCAAAAIAAJ|History of the Western Insurrection|page=42}}


Doe, John. History of the Western Insurrection, str. 42, na Google Books.

Zgled 2:

{{cite book|title=History of the Western Insurrection|url={{Google books|7ydCAAAAIAAJ|History of the Western Insurrection|page=42|plainurl=yes}}|page=42}}


Doe, John. History of the Western Insurrection. str. 42.

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