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Usage[uredi kodo]

This template gives the total area (land + water) in km2 of each municipality as text output based on the CBS code or name of municipality. It is used as follows:

{{Dutch municipality total area|XX}}

with XX the CBS code, for example: {{Dutch municipality total area|1680}} → 278,88

or the name, for example: {{Dutch municipality total area|Aa en Hunze}} → 278,88

Each municipality has a code assigned by CBS, see List of municipalities of the Netherlands for an overview.

A reference to the source of the data is obtained by using: {{Dutch municipality total area|dataref}}»Kerncijfers wijken en buurten« [Key figures for neighbourhoods]. CBS Statline (v nizozemščini). CBS. 2. julij 2013. Pridobljeno 12. marca 2014.

Technical details[uredi kodo]

The data in this template can be updated from time to time with new up-to-date CBS stats. Note that a similar version exists for the Dutch language Wikipedia and that the actual data can be updated in the same manner for both versions. Also consider updating the reference when you would update the total area numbers.

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