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This page provides a map of the templates which act together to create a taxobox in the automatic taxobox system. It is meant to assist editors maintaining the system.

Note that it may not always be up to date.

Overview[uredi kodo]

(Updated 19 December 2012)

Four main templates are involved in the operation of the core part of the automatic taxobox system, i.e. in displaying a taxonomic hierarchy for a target taxon by retrieving information stored in "Taxonomy/TAXON" templates.

{{Automatic taxobox}}
Generates an automatic taxobox. It uses the parameter taxon, or the page name if this parameter is omitted, to construct the name of the taxon which is the target of the automatic taxobox. It then invokes {{taksonomka/core}} with |parent=target_taxon, passing on any other taxobox-related parameters.
Generates an automatic taxobox, but only when passed the parameter parent. (Otherwise it generates a manual taxobox.) It creates the structure of a taxobox and handles all the taxobox-related parameters passed to it other than parent. To handle parent it invokes {{taksonomka/taxonomy}} (or {{taksonomka/virus taxonomy}}) passing the value of parent as the 1st un-named parameter.
Outputs the hierarchy of taxa above its parameter 1, i.e. target_taxon. It does this by invoking {{taksonomka/showtaxon}} repeatedly to show each taxon in the hierarchy above target_taxon, retrieving the taxa from the "Taxonomy/TAXON" templates. The repetition has to be done in a complex way because the template language doesn't allow recursion; {{taksonomka/taxonomy/ex3}}, {{taksonomka/taxonomy/ex2}} and {{taksonomka/taxonomy/ex1}} are used to generate up to 10 rows each in the taxobox hierarchy. Od 19. december 2012 (2012 -12-19) the first of these hard-codes some hierarchies.
Outputs a single taxon if it is to be shown in the taxobox. The output consists of the name of the rank, the name of the taxon (italicized if required) and the authority if this was passed as a parameter. The template decides whether to display or omit a taxon based on various criteria: whether it is a "major rank", how many parents are to be displayed, and whether |always_display=yes is set in the taxonomy template. Setting the parameter |force=true forces the display (important when testing the template).

Detailed map[uredi kodo]

WARNING: Od 19. december 2012 (2012 -12-19) the information below does not reflect significant changes made during October and November 2012.

Each template in this hierarchy calls the templates below it, roughly in the order that they appear below. This list only contains templates whose primary function is the provision of automatic taxoboxes.

/edit(Inner list, 1 taxon deep)/edit 2(collapsible to show descendants)/edit sisters (same as edit but doesn't list current taxon, to avoid loops)

Other templates