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m (slog)
::thank you --[[User:Riccardo|riccardo]] (better [[:it:Utente:Riccardov|it]]) operator of [[User:Riccardobot|Riccardobot]] 19:07, 4 december 2006 (CET)
== [[User:Soulbot|Soulbot]] ==
I request that [[User:Soulbot]] get a bot flag. The bot will do Interwiki work (
across several wikipedias, on articles mainly about organic species, but also on some biographies and other non-ambigous articles. When ambigouity does appear, it is solved manually. Editing many wikipedias at once is effective and saves bandwidth. I therefore ask for bot-status on this wikipedia. See contributions ([[:en:Special:Contributions/Soulbot|en]] - [[:da:Special:Contributions/Soulbot|da]] - [[:sv:Special:Contributions/Soulbot|sv]]) to get an idea of what the bot is doing, and [[:no:Bruker:Soulbot]] for the current status on different wikipedias. Please also use my [[:no:Brukerdiskusjon:Soulkeeper|Norwegian talk page]] if you want to leave me a note. Best regards, [[:no:Bruker:Soulkeeper|Soulkeeper]] / [[Uporabnik:Soulkeeper|Soulkeeper]] 21:52, 10 december 2006 (CET)


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