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Q: Which World Geodetic System is used?
A: Wikipedia uses the WGS84 datum ellipsoid for all coordinates, which is also used for GPS. This model can vary as much as ±100 m when compared to the geoid, which represents mean sea level.
Q: How can I report an error?
A: Report it on this page, with this o predlogi:GeoTemplate&action=edit&section=new link.
Q: Why do I see two markers on Google Maps?
A: Google Maps has introduced a reverse-geocoding feature, which gives priority to the closest object in their database, instead of the desired coordinates. The closest object is shown with a bright red marker with the map centered on it, and the requested coordinates are given a green marker that often blends into the background or is outside the displayed area. It might be called the "you must have meant this" feature. Our use of the Google Maps KML generator for Google Earth links is also affected. That's not something that can be fixed here.
Q: What is "UTM"? Does it use the WGS84 geoid?
A: UTM stands for Universal Transverse Mercator which is a map projection. Maps using UTM are usually based on WGS84 but, notably, the Ordnance Survey grids for Great Britain and Ireland are based on slightly different geoids: OSGB36.
Q: How can I get to Google maps quicker?
A: A user script is available, but easiest is to use WikiMiniAtlas. Click on the the blue globe to the left of the coordinate link will open a frame with a map of the surrounding location populated with Wikipedia articles.

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