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About the family Frangipani (Frankopanovich Francopanovich Frankopani Frankapani Frangepan Frankopan) of Dalmatia Croatia. The Counts Damiani di Vergada Gliubavaz Frangipani (Frankopan) de Detrico, as unique legitimate heirs of the family Frangipani (Frankopan) of Dalmatia croatia, formally distrust anyone (person or entity) intends to make use of their old surnames, coats of arms and related family traditions, expressly reserves the right to appeal to the authorities national and international legal protection of their rights to see, reasons and interests, to see refreshed all moral and financial damages. The Damiani Counts of Vergada Gliubavaz Frangipani (Frankopan) de Detrico also intend to be considered and kept clearly distinct and separate from any other eventual, occasional, recently Came To and subsequent alleged family branch that they not only do not recognize, but who have no relationship, and formally support from wary impossible kinship ties to the Frangipani (Frankopan) family of Dalmatia-Croatia that they just as Damiani Counts of Vergada Gliubavaz Frangipani (Frankopan) Detrico represent in fact and in law. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:33, 22 October 2016 (UTC)

The counts Frangipani of Veglia (Krk), Modrussa, Senia, Tersatto and Vinodol in Dalmatia Croatia never carried the title of Prince: its a false information.

The original surname of the family during centuries is only Frangipani.– De voorgaande bijdrage werd geplaatst door (overleg · bijdragen)