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This module provides a number formatting function. This function can be used from #invoke or from other Lua modules.

This module is used by Module:Complex date

Use from other Lua modules[uredi kodo]

To use the module from normal wiki pages, no special preparation is needed. If you are using the module from another Lua module, first you need to load it, like this:

local mf = require('Module:Formatnum')

(The mf variable stands for Module Formatnum; you can choose something more descriptive if you prefer.)

Most functions in the module have a version for Lua and a version for #invoke. It is possible to use the #invoke functions from other Lua modules, but using the Lua functions has the advantage that you do not need to access a Lua frame object. Lua functions are preceded by _, whereas #invoke functions are not.

main[uredi kodo]

mf.formatNum(x, lang, prec, sep)

See also[uredi kodo]