Kategorija:Članki z ISO jeziki s sklici na druge vire kot je Ethnologue

Iz Wikipedije, proste enciklopedije
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This tracking category is triggered by entering something in the reference field other than "e11–e18", for language articles that have an ISO code (entry under iso3 or lc1). (Note: If Ethnologue is referenced directly, as at Achi language, rather than with the codes "e18" etc., then the article will show up here.) When a new edition of Ethnologue comes out, the articles in this category should be checked to see if they should be updated.

All articles in this category should contain a reference tag in their ref field, either <ref>...</ref>, {{sfnp| ... }}, {{sfn| ... }}, or a 'citation needed'/cn tag. AWB can be used to look for other values, which will likely be errors.


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