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This template produces a "visual paragraph break" by inserting the following empty tag pair:



Predloga:Block indent


Predloga:Block indent


In some instances, it is not possible to introduce paragraph breaks using newlines alone. For example, within a list item and within references. However, using <p> tags can cause problems for navigation with screen readers, which expect these tags to delimit paragraphs of prose. This template is used mostly in footnotes, where a visual break is desired, without adding an additional paragraph navigation point.

Example 1

The following reference uses line breaks for multiple lines.[1] The following reference uses the paragraph break template for paragraph breaks.[2] The following reference uses <br /> tags for paragraph breaks.[3]


  1. Paragraph 1a Paragraph 1b
  2. Paragraph 2a
    Paragraph 2b
  3. Line 3a
    Line 3b

which was generated using:

1.<ref>Paragraph 1a
Paragraph 1b</ref>
2. <ref>Paragraph 2a{{paragraph break}}Paragraph 2b</ref>
3. <ref>Line 3a<br />Line 3b</ref>

Example 2

Consider the following list

  1. Paragraph 1a
    Paragraph 1b
  2. Paragraph 2

which was generated using

# Paragraph 1a {{paragraph break}} Paragraph 1b
# Paragraph 2

Produces a "visual paragraph break".

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