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Dokumentacija za predlogo[poglej] [uredi] [zgodovina] [osveži]

re-formatted options per country or institute for the legal status of a drug. Available in {{Infopolje Učinkovina}} and {{Chembox}} and {{Infobox botanical product}} by parameters |legal_XX= (AU, CA, DE, NZ, UK, US, EU, UN).

Sister parameters |legal_XX_comment= can be used, and added after the listed option with a space, unedited (as entered).

All input is case-insensitive (both OTC and otc are OK).

Legal status[uredi kodo]

parameters[uredi kodo]

| legal_AU     = S2
| legal_AU_comment = any text
| legal_BR     = A1
| legal_BR_comment = any text
| legal_CA     = 
| legal_DE     = 
| legal_UK     = gsl
| legal_US     = Schedule II
| legal_US_comment = and OTC in Oregon
| legal_EU     =
| legal_UN     =
| legal_NZ     = 
| legal_status = Not marketed in Asia

By country or organisation[uredi kodo]

This options list:
Vzorec poimenovanja parametrov: |legal_XX=, |legal_XX_comment=.
XX je lahko: AU, BR, CA, DE, NZ, UK, US; UN and EU
For general input: |legal_status=
Articles with unrecognised |legal_XX= sorted under their country letter.
Articles with |..._comment= only sorted under *
Articles with |legal_status= having recognised input (like: Rx only) are sorted under " "(space, in top).

legal status (general)[uredi kodo]

  • |legal_status=

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