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{{Infopolje Film}} se uporablja za predstavitev osnovnih informacij o filmu.

Uporaba[uredi kodo]

{{{film name}}}
Režiser{{{director}}} ali {{{directors}}}
Producent{{{producer}}} ali {{{producers}}}
Scenarist{{{writer}}} ali {{{writers}}}
Pisec zgodbe{{{story}}}
Temelji na{{{based on}}}
Pripovedovalec{{{narrator}}} ali {{{narrators}}}
Direktor fotografije{{{cinematography}}}
{{{studio}}} ali
{{{production companies}}}
Datum izida
Dohodek bruto{{{gross}}}
{{Infopolje Film
| name           = 
| image          = 
| alt            = 
| caption        = 
| film name      = <!-- {{Infobox name module|language|title}} or {{Infobox name module|title}} -->
| director       = 
| producer       = 
| writer         = 
| screenplay     = 
| story          = 
| based on       = <!-- {{Temelji na|title of the original work|creator of the original work|additional creator(s), if necessary}} -->
| starring       = 
| narrator       = 
| music          = 
| cinematography = 
| editing        = 
| studio         = <!-- ali: | production companies = -->
| distributor    = <!-- ali: | distributors = -->
| released       = <!-- {{Film date|df=yes/no|year|month|day|location}} -->
| runtime        = 
| country        = 
| language       = 
| budget         = 
| gross          = 

Zgled uporabe[uredi kodo]

Plan 9 from Outer Space
Plan nine from outer space.jpg
Promocijski plakat
RežiserEdward D. Wood, Jr.
ProducentJ. Edward Reynolds
ScenaristEdward D. Wood, Jr.
IgralciGregory Walcott
Mona McKinnon
Tom Keene
Tor Johnson
Dudley Manlove
PripovedovalecThe Amazing Criswell
GlasbaFrank Worth
Direktor fotografijeWilliam C. Thompson
MontažaEdward D. Wood, Jr.
Reynolds Pictures, Inc.
DistribucijaDistributors Corporation of America
Datum izida
julij 1959
79 minut
DržavaZdružene države Amerike
Proračun60.000 USD
{{Infopolje Film
| name           = Plan 9 from Outer Space
| image          = Plan nine from outer space.jpg
| alt            = 
| caption        = Promocijski plakat
| director       = [[Edward D. Wood, Jr.]]
| producer       = J. Edward Reynolds
| writer         = Edward D. Wood, Jr.
| narrator       = [[The Amazing Criswell]]
| starring       = [[Gregory Walcott]] <br> Mona McKinnon <br> [[Tom Keene]] <br> [[Tor Johnson]] <br> [[Dudley Manlove]] | Joanna Lee <br> [[Bunny Breckinridge]] <br> [[Maila Nurmi|Vampira]] <br> [[Béla Lugosi]]
| music          = Frank Worth
| cinematography = [[William C. Thompson (direktor fotografije)|William C. Thompson]]
| editing        = Edward D. Wood, Jr.
| studio         = Reynolds Pictures, Inc.
| distributor    = Distributors Corporation of America
| released       = julij 1959
| runtime        = 79 minut
| country        = [[Združene države Amerike]]
| language       = [[angleščina]]
| budget         = 60.000 [[ameriški dolar|USD]]

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TemplateData[uredi kodo]

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TemplateData za Infopolje Film

{{Infopolje Film}} se uporablja izpis osnovnih informacij o določenem filmu.

Template parameters

This template has custom formatting.

Common namename

The full common name of the film (default: {{PAGENAME}})

Image fileimage

A relevant image for the film. Use only the file name, for example, test.jpg.

Alt textalt

Alt text for the image (see WP:ALT). A visually impaired reader will typically hear the alt text in place of the image

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Writer (screenplay)screenplay

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Writer (story)story

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Based on (sources)based on based_on

Title of the source material and the name(s) of the source material writer(s). Use this field in conjunction with screenplay and story where applicable (i.e. "Screen story") if films are based on previously produced or published material, such as books, plays, articles, old screenplays etc. Use {{based on}} or similar formatting where possible. Do not use this field where the source material is ambiguous.


Names of the actors as they are listed in the billing block of the poster for the film's original theatrical release, separated by {{Plain list}}. Do not add non-notable or uncredited actors and avoid filler text such as 'with' or 'featuring'

Narratornarrator narrators

Name(s) of the narrator(s), separated using {{Plain list}}. Link each narrator to his/her appropriate article if possible. Note: exclude narrators, which are also actors with a role in the film

Music composermusic

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Production studiostudio production companies

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Distributordistributor distributors

Company name(s) of the distributor(s) that first released the film, separated using {{Plain list}}. In addition, link each distributor to its appropriate article if possible

Release datesreleased

Only the most relevant release date(s) of the film, separated using {{Plain list}}. Use {{Film date}}. See #Release dates for additional guidelines

Film durationruntime

An approximate time duration of the film in minutes. Do not link to minute. The BBFC website is a good resource - the running time is given to the second, so round it to the minute


Country(s) of production or 'country', depending on sources. Do not use flag icons. See template documentation for more usage information, especially on disputed cases

Primary languagelanguage

Only specify the language 'primarily' used in the film. Single language values will automatically link and categorize to this language

Production budgetbudget

Approximate production budget excluding marketing and promotion. In case of conflicting reliable sources, list all values or an appropriate value range. For more information see the template documentation

Worldwide gross revenuegross

Worldwide gross revenue accrued by the film. This information is available for most pictures at Box Office Mojo and The Numbers. If worldwide gross is not available, then indicate which region has grossed that amount. Use condensed, rounded values ($22.4 million vs $22,392,684). Precise values should be used where stable and appropriate to the context, or significant in themselves for some special reason. (See also: MOS:LARGENUM)

Italicize titleitalic title

Set to 'no' if the title of the article should not be automatically italicised (for instance, if the title has a disambiguation clause). Set to 'force' to enforces an italicised title.


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