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Usage[uredi kodo]

This template gives the population (as of maj 2014 ) of the urban and metro areas of major cities/municipalieties as text output based on the name of municipality. It is used as follows:

{{Dutch municipality population urbanmetro|XX}}

with XX the name and Urban or Metro, for example: {{Dutch municipality population urbanmetro|Rotterdam Metro}} → 1181284

A reference to the source of the data is obtained by using: {{Dutch municipality population urbanmetro|dataref}}»Bevolkingsontwikkeling; regio per maand« [Population growth; regions per month]. CBS Statline (v nizozemščini). CBS. 26. junij 2014. Pridobljeno 24. julija 2014.

The year and month of the data are obtained by respectively calling popbaseyear or popbasemonth

Technical details[uredi kodo]

The data in this template can be updated from time to time with new up-to-date CBS stats. Also consider updating the month, year and reference of the data when you would update the population numbers.

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