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Purpose[uredi kodo]

This template provides a quick and easy method of directly linking to specific pages on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) website that provide climate statistics for hundreds of locations throughout Australia as well as providing a standardised format for the reference.

BOM data is used in hundreds, possibly thousands, of Australian related articles and use of this template means that should BoM change urls or page titles at some time, only this template will require updating, rather than requiring a need to change multiple articles.

Usage[uredi kodo]

Note: None of the parameters should be capitalised, in order to avoid the article being tagged as having a broken citation. For example, use "url", "title", etc. - not "URL", "Title", etc.

{{BoM Aust stats |site_ref = |site_name = |date = |accessdate = }}

Required parameters[uredi kodo]

Example page used in this section:

  • site_ref = This is required to form the url. Individual climate statistic page urls are in the form: The site_ref field is determined from the individual page name, in this case"cw_061054".
  • site_name = This is required to form the citation title and should be the name of the site as shown on the climate page. In the example used the site name is "NELSON BAY (NELSON HEAD)". While it is not mandated, the site name should be converted to title case, i.e. Nelson Bay (Nelson Head), as this is more visually appealing.
  • accessdate = Date accessed in the same format as the rest of the article, as per Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers). As this template is designed for use in Australia related articles this will normally be in Australian date format, which is "dd Month year". For example, "accessdate = 5. avgust 2020". Must not be wikilinked.

Optional parameter[uredi kodo]

  • date = Date the data was last published/collected. This is useful for weather stations that have been closed or are no longer actively recording data. Set the date as the last day for which data was recorded. If omitted, no date for the data will be specified.

Examples[uredi kodo]

{{BoM Aust stats |site_ref = cw_061054 |site_name = Nelson Bay (Nelson Head) |accessdate = 5. avgust 2020 }}


"Nelson Bay (Nelson Head)". Climate statistics for Australian locations. Bureau of Meteorology. Pridobljeno dne 5. avgust 2020.

{{BoM Aust stats |site_ref = cw_021046 |site_name = Snowtown |date = 30 June 2001 |accessdate = 5. avgust 2020 }}


"Snowtown". Climate statistics for Australian locations. Bureau of Meteorology. 30 June 2001. Pridobljeno dne 5. avgust 2020.

Spaces[uredi kodo]

Spaces in the citation may be eliminated where not required. For example, the above example may be written as:

{{BoM Aust stats|site_ref=cw_061054|site_name=Nelson Bay (Nelson Head)|accessdate=5. avgust 2020}}