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Ja, the connection is for article on mathematical meaning of polje (en: ''field''), but is in fact an part of city (formerly a village), just no article sofar. I hope that you'll write something about history of Wroclaw, specially about "Festung Breslau". Regards, --[[Uporabnik:Klemen Kocjancic|Klemen Kocjancic]] 16:54, 18 dec 2004 (CET)
:Another question - how would you translate the names of the greatest polish cities? - i can copy the text from [[Wroclaw]] and make new short articles about the most important cities (there are only 2 now) - a little more as a stub... ;-) [[Uporabnik:Yopohari|Yopohari]] 17:12, 18 dec 2004 (CET)
* Łódź - ?
* Kraków
* Poznań
* Gdańsk
* Szczecin
* Bydgoszcz
* Lublin
* Katowice
* Białystok
* Opole


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