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→‎Number of inhabitants: Steps made, but local modul:Wd is out of date
(→‎Suggested Values: nov razdelek)
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(→‎Number of inhabitants: Steps made, but local modul:Wd is out of date)
::Thanks for your support and stay safe, [[Uporabnik:RonnieV|RonnieV]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:RonnieV|pogovor]]) 18:22, 19. april 2021 (CEST)
:::@[[Uporabnik:RonnieV|RonnieV]]: It was my pleasure to help you. Sadly I am not fluent in lua at all, but if you need help with python, you can reach out for me. Oh, and IDs are build out of municipality ID (Ajdovščina municipality is 001) and settlement ID (their alphabeticall order). We can make these sort of predicitions with SPARQL from Wikidata (under condition, that all municipalities are present) and then sort them alphabetically and then merge/concatenate these with ID of their municipality. What about proposing expansion to series ordinal? I may be wrong. With regards, '''[[Uporabnik:A09090091|<span style="color:#004d99">A09090091</span>]]'''|[[Uporabniški pogovor:A09090091|<span style="color:#004d99">(pogovor)</span>]] 18:33, 19. april 2021 (CEST)
::::@[[Uporabnik:A09090091|A09090091]], the Wikidata-part is handled. Without writing any LUA-code myself, <nowiki>{{#invoke:wd|property|qualifier|references|normal+|P1082|P585}}</nowiki> should give the number of inhabitants (''P1082'') on a page of a municipality, the date (''P585'') and the source (''references''), using the best ranked (preferred) of, if missing, one of the normal values (''normal+''). It can be tested on the page of a municipality or by adding the Q-number of the municipality, like <nowiki>{{#invoke:wd|property|qualifier|references|normal+|Q394087|P1082|P585}}</nowiki>. Unfortunately, the code of [[:sl:Modul:Wd]] of the Slovenian Wiki is a bit out of date: the date is not shown. Please compare [[Uporabnik:RonnieV/Slovenië]], [[:nl:Gebruiker:RonnieV/Slovenië]] and [[:en:User:RonnieV/Slovenië]] for different output.
::::An option would be to update Modul:Wd. I don't feel free to do so on your Wikipedia, not knowing if there are special pages I could/should check doing so. If you feel safe updating the module, we can get the number of inhabitants directly from Wikidata, so updating if new data come available would require a run at Wikidata and no longer on all different pages. Information will be shared with, among others, the Dutch Wikipedia and all others that want to use this. How do you feel about the module? With regards, [[Uporabnik:RonnieV|RonnieV]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:RonnieV|pogovor]]) 00:35, 23. april 2021 (CEST)
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