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Please feel free to get in touch with questions about getting started with your grant application, or about serving on the Project Grants Committee. Contact us at projectgrants{{at}} Please help us translate this message to your local language. [[Uporabnik:MediaWiki message delivery|MediaWiki message delivery]] ([[Uporabniški pogovor:MediaWiki message delivery|pogovor]]) 09:01, 28. januar 2021 (CET)
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== New Wikipedia Library Collections Available Now (February 2021) ==
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Hello Wikimedians!
[[File:Wikipedia_Library_owl.svg|thumb|upright|The TWL owl says sign up today!]]
[[m:The Wikipedia Library|The Wikipedia Library]] is announcing new free, full-access, accounts to reliable sources as part of our [ research access program]. You can sign up to access research materials on the [ Library Card platform]:
* '''[ Taxmann]''' – Taxation and law database
* '''[ PNAS]''' – Official journal of the National Academy of Sciences
* '''[ EBSCO]''' – New Arabic and Spanish language databases added
We have a wide array of [ other collections available], and a significant number now no longer require individual applications to access! Read more in our [ blog post].
Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects!
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