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This list is populated by writing none in the [iso3=] field of Template:Infobox language. This should be used to mean that no formal ISO 639-3 code is maintained at either Ethnologue or Linguist List / Multitree; that is, there is nothing to put in the [iso3] field of the infobox. Languages with provisional (non-ISO 639-3) codes at Linguist List / Multitree are listed in a subcategory.

Dialects of languages with ISO 639-3 codes should not be listed, as they are part of an assigned code; if they do appear here, the code 'none' should be removed from their infoboxes, or the parameter isoexception should be set to dialect. Similarly for historical forms and protolanguage (which as of 2013 do not use infoboxes).

Neglected articles with fields left blank are listed at Kategorija:Članki o jezikih brez kode jezika.

As and if codes are assigned to these languages, the articles should be updated to remove them from this category. They should also be reviewed occasionally for new informal Linguist List codes.

[most recently done for A–O]